Increase conversion rates by 64-85% simply adding our retail widget to your ecommerce site

What you'll Gain!

    A competitive advantage over other online retailers which won't cost you a cent...just a little cooperation.

    Increased sales!

    What we Ask in Return

    Help us trial and further develop this new application.

    Give us feedback & ideas as to how we can improve the tool and adapt it to your needs.

    Tell us what you think it is worth as a "white label" service (in real dollars).

    We plan to later offer an alternative "free version".

    How it works!

    We provide you with a piece of code which you simply copy and paste onto your site.

    This code automatically adds a video button next to most products displayed on your site. It allows your customers to access quality videos for your products.

    These videos will demonstrate the main features of each product, assisting your customers in their purchase decision.


    We source high quality videos which are predominantly produced by the manufacturers themselves as well as quality user generated  videos . Our database is expanding continually.

    Let's Look at the Stats!

    Site visitors who view videos have a conversion rate  87%  higher than visitors who don't watch videos.


    Product videos can reduce returns by  25%.

    Online stores with video are considered by   58%  of customers to be more trustworthy.

     96%  of online shoppers report that they find videos useful.

    When given a chioce,  60%  of customers will choose video over reading text.

    The average customer order value can be increased by an average of   50%  when Ecommerce videos are displayed.

    Watching videos results in visitors staying on a website for an average of   2 minutes  longer than visitors not watching videos.

    Who We Are?

    We are a company that started out producing videos, but we are now focusing on developing practical video applications which make video more easily accessible to the user. 

    Produced hundreds of low cost product videos for Deals Direct, national & international distributors

    We were accepted into the University of Wollongong (OUW) iAccelerate business incubator program.

    Finalist in the StartupSmart Awards 2014 for best startup concept.

    Chosen for the 2015 Cebit pitch - 10 out of 200  applicants.

    Awarded a government innovation grant to develop an online platform providing customer support.

    Launched our video service into China with the assistance of the NBN Glocals program.

    Currently building one of the biggest online databases for product videos.

    Like to Know More?

    Let's Have a Chat and discuss the Details!

    Email:  [email protected]
    Skype: karen.pouye

    Head Office Wollongong NSW Australia

    Phone:   +61 2 462 8315
    Mobile: +61 4 7839 7667

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