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Automatically add product videos to your retail site

Increase conversion rates


An innovative video support platform

Decrease returns - save on support costs


Improve your video marketing strategy

Commision a discovery report ...fine tune your video distribution.


Produce your own videos

We'll assist you in the process


Give your customers a great "out-of-box" experience.

Satisfied customers = increased sales


Thousands of product videos

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Professional produced videos

Specialized high quality, effective product videos.


International production

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Retail VIDEO Widget

Increase conversion rates by 64-85% by adding product videos
(Kissometrics, 2018)
retail widget for online shop productvideos

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Automatically add videos to your retail store products but simply copying & pasting our tag to your site. Save many hours of trying to manually find and link quality videos. Thousands of product videos available through our database.

Online retail sites are quite different from "brick & mortar" stores in many ways. If you're running a traditional retail shop, a good number of your walk in visitors will become customers after a chat with your convincing sales staff. Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy with online retail sites.

Although online shopping may be more convenient, the conversion rates in regards to traffic can be a lot lower. In fact, only around 3-4% convert to a sale. Research indicates that a large number of abandoned shopping carts are due to shipping and checkout issues, however part of the problem is also the uncertainty of online products.
Studies have also shown that one of the most effective ways of increasing online conversions rates by decreasing that uncertainty is by providing product videos.

Product videos have a lot of advantages over plain text or still images. They add a more realistic dimension to the shopping experience. A product video can provide an immense amount of extra information. It allows your customer to see how the product works and moves at multiple angles. They  can see how the user interacts with it and see it used in context.

Increase conversion rates up to 84% - giving your customers the confidence to buy
Reduced returns by up to 25% - improved customer satisfaction - less unmet expectations. 
Easy & quick to implement - no maintenance or broken links
Suitable for multiple screens - fully responsive for desktop, tablet, phone
Fast loading videos - uses Cloudflare & CDN

All it takes is a few minutes to simply copy and paste our code onto your site. We do all the work for you. 
The Whizbang widget will automatically scan your entire ecommerce shop and match videos from our database to your products. You will have all the latest quality videos available for your customers.
Videos are scoured from all over the internet and embedded into an inobtrusive pop up window within your site. No worries about finding quality content or having to deal with broken links.


Whizbang TV Product support

Reduce returns, increase customer retention & decrease customer support costs
Build loyalty, credibility & trust 

whizbang explainer video

Whizbang logo

Check out our new innovative product support system. A multiplatform application that uses video to assist customers in getting their new products working quickly and easily.  It consists of a website and IOS/Android app with barscanning functionality. This  allows  users to easily access the instructional videos directly via their mobile devices by simply scanning the barcode on any new product.
It is most effective for products such as consumer electronics, DIY furniture, sporting equipment, outdoor furniture requiring assembly etc
The purpose of the platform is to make written instructions redundant in a digital age in which video is a much more effective alternative.
Reduces returned products, decreases technical support costs and increases sales
Go to the site:



product video database

We are building one of the largest databases specifically for quality product videos. By connecting your ecommerce site to our database you will have access to thousands of suitable videos that will give your customers the confidence to buy as well as after-sales product support if they need it.

Searching for videos on YouTube and the internet can be extremely time consuming, especially with the amount of

substandard content out there. We search & filter the content so that only the most appropriate and highest quality videos are selected These are  made easily available to viewers via our Whizbang.TV platform, barcode scanning app and retail widget. The videos cater for the needs of viewers who need to make a purchase decision or require an instructional video on how to use their new product.

We use quality user-generated content along with professionally produced brand videos because we believe that both are effective, particularly when used in synergy to drive sales.
In fact research shows that brand engagement increases by 28 -35% when consumers can view both user-generated content and professional content together. 48% of consumers find user-generated content very useful in finding out about new products and brands and 82% say that it is very valuable when making a buying decision. User-generated content builds trust. According to research 92% of people will believe recommendations from someone they don't even know before believing the claims of branded content


Video Consultancy

video marketing strategy consultancy


Getting your videos out there means having an excellent video marketing strategy…but how do you know if your marketing strategy is working efficiently?

Because video can be a costly medium to produce compared to other mediums such as text, working smarter rather than harder is a very wise approach. Producing a great video is one thing, but getting it out there and producing a return on your investment is a whole different ball game. In fact, if you apply the popular 1:10  rule of thumb for content creation to video, it means that for every  $100 you spend on production, you should spend $1,000 on distribution.
In other words, remember to prioritise distribution over production. We come across many amazing big brand product videos while in the process of adding them to our database, only to find that the number of views they have received is absolutely dismal. Obviously the companies have assumed that once the videos have been produced and uploaded, the work is over…but that is really just the beginning. Here's where we can help. We provide comprehensive Independent Discovery Reports which will analyse and assess your Online Video Strategy.

The aim of the discovery is to produce a detailed snapshot of your current video marketing content & distribution strategy.
This information can then be used to chart a successful path which will take your video marketing to the next level.
A typical discovery report will do this by asking questions and finding answers.

Some of the questions we ask:
  • Does your content have a defined mission?
  • Are your videos consistent with your Brand
  • Does your content tell a consistent story?
  • Are your videos optimized for multiple screens
  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you maximize viewership? How do viewers find your content?
  • How many views (or how much watch time) do you have?
  • What content is causing changes?
  • Which videos retain the audience
  • Which videos drive interaction
  • How can you get your content discovered more?
  • What is your global reach? How do you reach an international audience?
  • Should you be targeting other languages?
  • How many views benefit from captions?
  • How do you build more loyalty?
  • Is metadata optimized for discovery?
  • How do you best enrich your content with interactivity?
  • Should you change direction in the type or style of video content you plan to produce,
  • Should you use more consistent branding of the video content,
  • Should you update the existing content so it is more effective,
  • can you distribute you videos across more platforms to acquire the greatest reach,
  • can you utilize social media more effectively with your video content…….
  • Do the messages conveying in videos meet the objectives of the marketing strategy?
A typical discovery report will cover the following nine areas of insight:

1.Goals and objectives
We'll look at the current goals & objectives that you are aiming to achieve with your strategy as well as the KPIs that you are using to measure its effectiveness. We will also take into account any wider strategic business goals you might like to achieve (e.g. geographic expansion) We'll check also for general challenges within the business as well as any potential barriers to implementing these goals. We'll then evaluate if these goals & objectives are achievable within your current time frame and budget.
2. Review market characteristics and trends
We'll look at your overall video strategy in terms of its effectiveness in aligning with current trends both externally (i.e. the video distribution market) and internally(according to your specific products or industry)
3. Digital analytics data including site analytics
We'll undertake a video analytics review taking into account the effectiveness of videos in relation to different desktop and mobile sites, identifying any possible weaknesses in communicating across the different touch points.
4. Content audit
Assess all available video content. Identify where the video contentis available, in what formats, how well has it worked, how quickly it loads, the quality, is it on-brand or not, different video types at different points in the marketing funnel etcAn analysis of watch time patterns can give you an idea of how your content is being perceived by your audience5. Competitor auditAfter identifying primary competitors we will complete a comparative analysis of their video content & distribution.
6. Customer / Stakeholder audit
We'll need to identify your different customer types in detail so we can explore whether or not your videos are engaging enough for the target audience. Here we will be looking at your customer wants or needs and where they go online to meet those: undertake an audiences review (via client data or 3rd party sources / tools): Keyword search analysis Market research Review of social mentions
7. Influencers in the market
Are you using influences in your video strategy? How can you better reach and engage influencers? 
8. Specific media and link audits
Social media audit, backlink audit
9.Cost analysis
Analysis of return on investment. What next?

The end-point for the discovery stage will consist of a strategy development document or outline proposal containing a set of insights that will identify opportunities, key points and next steps to optimize your video marketing strategy according to your goals and resources. We will also recommend methods to assist you in consistently monitoring improvements and responding to performance changes, which will help you sustain your growth pattern. This might include regular assessment procedures to benchmark and monitor ongoing progress.



in store production crew to assist with video production


Here is a perfect example of how Appliances Online, is increasing their online presence dramatically by producing their own online product vidoes."

Example video Appliances Online instore production


Using video to increase conversion rates on your online retail site is a no-brainer, but then there is the cost? One way to get around this is to produce your own in-house video.

There are several advantages to making your own video besides the savings. You don't have to move your products (especially if they are large & heavy) to a studio some distance away and you can use your own knowledgeable sales experts to present your products.

We can guarantee that making your own videos is probably a lot harder than you think (especially if you haven't tried before). We understand that many smaller retailers have minimal profit margins and can't always afford professional quality videos (particularly a large number), so we are happy to provide a complete support service for businesses who want to start their own inhouse production.

We offer two options

Option A - In-house production guidance
We come to your store and assist you in setting up your own production process:We'll walk you through all the steps, using our many years of experience to ensure you avoid any problems, saving you both time and money. We'll give you guidance and support in all the following areas:  
Setting objectives according to your budget
Script development and planning
Site evaluation - do you have a suitable location?
Equipment options, resources & requirements
Lighting techniques
Shot framing
What to consider with audio and sound
Editing and postproduction - the most suitable software & workflow
How to upload and publishing online
Optimizing for search engines

If you are a local business (Wollongong/Sydney in Australia), we will be able to assist you directly onlocation. If you are located in a different region or country, we can still provide a substantial amount of advice remotely. Contact us to discuss further details.

Option B - Our crew...your sales staff :
We send a team to your business location to shoot your product videos using your staff or one of our professional presenters. Alternatively, you might like to shoot the footage yourself and we'll take care of all the postproduction.

Have a look at our highly competitive pricing! FREE ONLINE QUOTE

Here are a few general guidelines as to what makes an effective video.

1. Videos short be "short and sweet"

Product videos need to be concise and to the point. Most viewers will start to tune out after 2 minutes.

2. Each video should fulfil a specific purpose or goal.

It is more effective to have multiple videos that address the different needs of the visitor at different stages of the shopping process than to have just one video that tries to be all things for all people. e.g. a promotional video that shows the features of a product at the buying stage and a "how to" video that instructs the buyer at the post-sales support stage.If you were selling a bread maker, you'd want to show the customer how easy it is to use.

3. Stay on topic.

Keep focused on what it is that the viewer is interested in. Keep intro's very short and avoid rambling or unrelated content. Most viewers are very inpatient so stick to what you promised to deliver.

4. Keep it authentic & sincere.

Don't try to produce infomercials, but rather go for authenticity & trust. You want your customers to believe you so it's better to come from a friendly informative angle giving the viewer the confidence to buy. Demonstrate the products in real-life contexts showing details and coming from a personal point of view. Provide the customer with realistic expectations which will ensure their satisfaction and the unlikely need for a return (this will ultimately save you money & encourage repeat purchases). Give us a call so we can discuss these options and how we can best assist you in your video production process.



Give your customers the very best "out-of-box-experience"

If you sell products that require instructions, why not teach your customers how to use your products properly and the easy way? Not only will you be helping your customer, but you’ll also be promoting your brand and building credibility, loyalty and trust.

Our Video Guides can:
reduce returns
differentiate your product
decrease technical support costs
improve customer satisfaction
add to your value proposition


In a survey, 73% of the respondents said that they are more likely to buy a product or service if they could watch a video that explained it first. 
96% of consumers reported that videos were very helpful for making online purchase decisions.

93% of consumers surveyed said that they turned to video for post-purchase instructions and guidelines.
According to "Marketing Profs" study, 45% of consumers would return to the online store that provided helpful product videos and  44% would actually purchase again from that  same retailer.


video guides for new products



WE'LL TURN YOUR VIEWERS INTO BUYERS ...with online product and service videos!.
  • Viral video
  • Studio shoot for promotional videos
  • Studio shoot on green screen Screen Weaver


Screen Weaver provides a complete online video production service. Using our knowledge of video, design and online marketing, we'll get your videos on-message, looking impressive and seen in all the right places.

  • Increase your online conversion rates by up to 60% and reduce return rates by 25%.
  • With our unique low overhead, high quality approach, we can provide powerful, cost effective videos.

Promote your business or company with video! 
A successful video should show the world your unique story; demonstrate that you are an expert in your field and validate your ability to deliver proven results.

Consumers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Visitors who tend to watch videos are 1.8x more likely to buy than those who don't watch video.

When product videos are added to product  pages the conversion rate increases  by 37% .
 60% of site visitors will choose to watch a video before reading the text.

The overall session time a visitor stays on a site increases by 340% when video is made available.

 According to GoodVidio, pages with video content see an increase of 157% in organic traffic from search engines



We Cater for International Clients

The Four Step Process

Tell us about your products and video requirements so we can develop a proposal to suit your needs and budget.
Send us a sample of your product along with any instructions
(ship from anywhere in the world).
Working together, we'll develop a script or running sheet. After careful preparation & your input, the video will then be shot and edited.
Once approved, we'll send you the finished video (usually via dropbox). We can also upload it to YouTube or any other site.

International clients for global video production

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