Product videos

We specialize in producing product videos
Even though we can produce any kind of video, our real expertise lies in producing videos to promote and provide instructions for products. We have spent years developing our own inhouse equipment and workflows to improve the speed and standards of the production process. We believe in "working smart rather than hard" thereby harnessing innovation so that we are able to pass the cost savings onto our clients.
Product videos

We can provide highly competitive rates
Most video production studios cater for a wide range of broadcast mediums such as broadcast television, DVD, cinematic screen and online. This usually requires a large amount of investment in expensive equipment which is recouped through the paying customer (that’s you). We do it differently, because we only invest in the precise equipment required to produce high quality online video.We have also spent considerable time developing a highly efficient work flow specifically designed for online product video guides for products. This allows us to produce high quality competitively priced video.
Product videos
Your video is important Your video is not "just another video" for us, but the beginning of an ongoing partnership with your company. We pride ourselves on being a video production company with a proven track record of delivering quality and results. Get in touch with us so we can arrange a no-obligation chat about your next project.


Product videos

  • Product Videos – Product videos are highly effective in answering most of the questions which customers may have about products, bringing your customers closer to the in-store experience. In fact, it can be even better than the in store experience, since you always get the most accurate and precise information rather than information limited by the experience and training of the sales person.  
    Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to be more informed about the products that they buy, and as such many consumers are turning to online product videos for pre-sales information. 
    Over 90% of shoppers surveyed found video useful in making purchase decisions, according to a study of Swimwear Boutique customers. - INTERNET RETAILER, 2010 
    Mediapost reports that product videos play a key role in consumer purchase decisions, citing a 9x increase in retail video views at the start of the 2011 holiday season.

    Product videos have been proven to:
    •  convey your messages more powerfully than text alone using a range of senses (seeing, hearing and reading).
    •   be easily shared, creating a buzz about your product or service,
    •  increase search engine ranking considerably more than other forms of content.

  • For more detailed information about PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT VIDEOS

Instructional videos
  • Instructional Videos –Studies show that manufacturers lose between 6% - 20% of their profits on returned goods and 75% of these goods are without defect. - Accenture, 2008. It has also been shown that using Video Instruction Guides can decrease returns rates by 12%, increase sales by 57% and reduce technical support by 40%. - IDC Manufacturing Insights, ShowUHow,  2011. Video instruction guides also differentiate productsand improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.
    An Accenture study showed that ONLY 5% of returned products were actually defective.
    Accenture estimates that 68 percent of returns are products that work properly but do not meet customers' expectations for some reason. "Either they thought it was defective when it wasn't, or there was an expectation gap," says Accenture executive Terry Steger.
    In fact many products are returned, not because they are faulty, but because consumers THINK that they are broken or because they simply can’t figure out how to use them. A study by Dutch scientist Elke den Ouden (in 2006) , determined that the average consumer will return a product to the seller if they fail to make a device work within 20 mins.  
    Advance Auto Parts retailer found that by using instructional video on their website, the visitors that watched the videos stayed twice as long and visited twice as many pages compared to those that didn’t watch the videos. The videos also tended to be shared via Facebook thereby increasing the retailer’s reach.

    For more detailed information about INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS

Corporate videos
  • Training – We have professional speakers, teleprompters and equipment for shooting in-house training videos which can reduce training time.
    We have extensive experience in the fields of both media and education. Not only will your message be engaging, but also entertaining and specifically tailored to your target audience. We will recommend the most effective delivery method & appropriate training platform.
    All of the training materials we produce are of high quality making them credible and convincing to your audience .Every step of the production process (from concept design, script writing, filming and editing) is carefully designed to improve message retention and comprehension.

Corporate videos
  • Corporate– Events, speeches, onsite shoots, studio presentations.
    With our team of video production experts, we create cutting-edge video communications designed to make your company stand out from the crowd. Do you need a marketing video to launch a new product for your next trade show? Do you need to replace current videos which may be outdated or simply missing the mark? The world of marketing has changed. Corporate video production is no longer a “nice option” in your marketing toolkit, but an essential "must". Corporate video can be a highly effective marketing strategy because it can:
    •  convey your messages more powerfully than text alone using a range of senses (seeing, hearing and reading).
    •   be easily shared, creating a buzz about your product or service,
    •  increase search engine ranking considerably more than other forms of content.

Corporate videos
  • Commercials – If you want to increase your social media interaction and still sell your products and services – We can script an interesting commercial to engage your customers and educate them at the same time!
    When you’re competing with the world, you need to stand out. We aim at producing TVCs that are slick, clever, informative and easy on the eye. We deliver fresh ideas and superb production values on every project. 
    We know how to hit the right emotional triggers in your target audience resulting in advertising that is relevant and highly effective. Utilizing the latest film, digital and post production technologies, we like to keep abreast of innovation to help you build your brand, create demand, deliver leads or gain market share.

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