Video Guides
Give your customers the VERY BEST

...and AT THE SAME TIME...

bulletReduce Product Return Rates

Reduce product return

bulletDecrease Customer Support Costs

decrease customer support costs

Increase Sales!

increase sales

You know how it works...

  • It costs a lot more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one
  • It's much easier to sell to existing customers than to someone with whom you’ve have had no previous relationship
  • A happy & satisfied customer will become your greatest evangelist, bringing you even more customers.

Why we are so Passionate About Video Guides!


Because we believe that...

  • ...using a product for the first time should be a positive experience for customers.

  • ...the business-customer relationship doesn’t end at the point of purchase, but should continue throughout the lifetime of the product.

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If you sell products that require instructions, why not teach your customers how to use your products properly and the easy way? Not only will you be helping your customer, but you’ll also be promoting your brand and building credibility, loyalty and trust.

Our Video Guides can:
  • reduce returns
  • differentiate your product
  • decrease technical support costs
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • add to your value proposition



  • Manufacturers loose between 6 and 20% of all profits through returned goods and 75% of those goods are without fault. The study suggests that increased support at the “point of first use” would reduce loss. Accenture (2008)

  • Studies show that using instructional video can decrease returns rates by 12%, increase sales by 57% and reduce technical support by 40% (IDC Manufacturing, Insights, 2011).

  • Technical support costs are expensive. On average, post-sales support for high-tech products costs approximately 6-9% of revenues, according to the Association of Support Professionals. Video guides have ben shown to reduce demand on support resources.

  • Tests show that if a customer cannot get a product to work within 20 mins, then they will most likely give up trying (& possibly return it)

  • Acessibility Trial 2015:
    We placed our stickers on 6000 PVR units that went to market. More than 20% of the buyers who purchased the units accessed the video guides for assistance.

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We cater for clients both nationally & internationally

The Four Step Process

    Tell us about your products and video requirements so we can develop a proposal to suit your needs and budget.
  2. 2. SHIPPING:
    Send us a sample of your product along with any instructions
    (ship from anywhere in the world).
    Working together, we'll develop a script or running sheet. After careful preparation & your input, the video will then be shot and edited.
  4. 4. DELIVERY:
    Once approved, we'll send you the finished video (usually via dropbox). We can also upload it to YouTube or any other site.

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How much does a product video cost?

Most people like to have a ball-park idea of what things will cost, but asking how much video costs is a little like asking an architect how much a building will cost...the variables are limitless!
One rule of thumb used in the industry is that video costs around $1000 US dollars per finished minute, but this can easily vary from $800 to $3000 per minute. We generally produce two kinds of video – promotional videos and product video guides for products. Video guides take a bit more work because the footage and instructions have to be meticulously synchronized and require a lot of technical detail. Promotional videos require a little more creativity but mainly focus on the the main features of the product.

How do we offer such competitive rates?
Most video production studios cater for a wide range of broadcast mediums such as broadcast television, DVD, cinematic screen and online. This usually requires a large amount of investment in expensive equipment which is recouped through the paying customer (that’s you). We do it differently, because we only invest in the precise equipment required to produce high quality online video.
We have also spent considerable time developing a highly efficient work flow specifically designed for online product video guides for products. This allows us to produce high quality competitively priced video.

Why come to us?
We are experts when it comes to producing online video guides. Producing instructional video is very different to producing other types of videos. Our many years of experience makes us the “best man for the job”... plus we offer very competitive pricing.
Of course we can produce video at whatever budget level is required from semi-pro, through to “Hollywood” standards, however, what is most important is to clarify what the video needs to accomplish and then determine a realistic budget to achieve it.


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